A Valentine’s Day Perspective

We are on our individual paths to Freedom and re-connecting with the Self that God created. When we focus on that perspective instead of the traditional “world” point of view, we are able to give and receive love without need or want. We “just are” and love flows in and out, or blossoms and dies just as all of nature does. It is the natural state of our beings and does not need to be confirmed or denied.
Having lived on the planet for 80 years I have obviously experienced many Valentine’s Days. They varied in content and often caused apprehension and unfulfilled expectations. The last 20 years or so, have shown me that nothing external, even Valentine’s Day, has any power over what I choose to focus on. For me that is God’s Peace, period the end. Any expectation, feeling or need that brings with it any aspect of fear, anxiety, disappointment, loss, grief, is not coming from God. I feel the feeling, allow it, go through it, and then give it to God for healing.

Then peace returns and once again I feel whole and complete.

A week from tomorrow, when Valentine’s Day rolls around once again, I will kiss anyone who wants a kiss, hug anyone who wants a hug, share cards, candy and gifts with the small beings in my family, send loving wishes to many, and smile. My inner Self and I are at Peace and in Love with Love. Thank you God.

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