Month: May 2018

And The Rut continues

When I stay focused on God being the Only Power I feel Peace. On the earth plane, when I do give that power to something or someone external, I feel grief and sadness and do it anyway. I am minimizing God by doing this and it is never comfortable. It is an old program and Read More

What Are Holiday Weekends Like For You?

I work on most holidays and often receive calls from customers who are having a hard time dealing with what comes up for them emotionally. It never surprises me because emotional issues with Holidays, and especially holiday weekends have been ongoing for me personally. Just did a Google Search on Holiday Long Weekend Stress and Read More

Choose Again – Six Steps To Freedom

Had to share this book with you. The impact it has had on my perceptions and being are transforming and a true gift. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. You can find it on Choose Again: Six Steps to Freedom – May 13, 2018 by Diederik J. Wolsak Paperback “I finished Read More

What Are We Doing Here?

This question comes to mind often. “What Are We Doing Here?” There is one answer and one answer only….We are to remember why God Created Us. When we make peace with the question and the answer, we are released from Fear. We know we are here to learn about Love, Peace and Joy. God created Read More