I love how we can learn from everything. I was definitely guided to watch a film called “Shortcut to Happiness.” It was a “try to be remake” of the Classic 1941 film “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” At first I kept watching it and wondering why. But as I said we do learn from everything.

At the end of the film Daniel Webster is defending the protagonist of the film Jabez Stone, a writer who sold his soul to the devil. Webster spoke of why writers write and what they want. What he said made me realize it is what all humans want. We want to have a voice and to be loved for who we are. We want to express our truth in its uniqueness and be heard and loved for who we are and what we believe. Until we find that piece (peace) of us, share it with the world in whatever way we are called to do, we are not fulfilled or at peace. We keep searching outside of self to complete what is already in us and keep walking on a tightrope of fear and frustration.

Following that understanding, last night I watched “The Voice” on TV. Rhianna was the Mega Celebrity coach to all the contestants. What she said to one of them tied right in to what was said in the film. “If you show who you are and expose it to the world,” they will root for you and want you to win. Not her exact words, nor were the ones from the film exact either. What is important is the message and the energy behind the words. If we take the risk, stand behind ourselves and speak and be the truth of who we are, those who are meant to be in our lives and support us will be. In expressing the “True Self,” we are expressing the God within. We will move on from anyone or anything that does not reflect that back to us without guilt or self-recrimination.

By doing that we are free of self-judgment, there is no lack of self love, no fear of being less than, no competitiveness and nothing missing for us to grieve or mourn. This then creates our lives as they were meant to be. An expression of God’s Love and Light that shines as a beacon for those who need to walk their path home. This brings those who are a reflection of that self-love to us like a magnet and we have the companionship and fellowship of our brothers and sisters on our path.

That my friends is why we are here on the planet. I celebrate us all and wish you love on your journey.

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