2019 – The Year of Love and Joy

The highest vibration for 2019 is Communicating, Feeling, Enjoying, Sharing, Self-Expressing, Having Fun, Playing, Love, Friendship & Popularity are some of the positive aspects of 2019 which vibrates to the #3.

If we collectively focus on the attributes, we can change ourselves and then impact the world. We all know how group consciousness affects everything and everyone it comes in contact with. Certainly we have enough of that in our world There is not one single area of our lives that is removed from some form of prejudice, limiting belief, or negative energy.

Many of us are focusing on shifting that individually and that is a forward step in the right direction. Then we can move into adding some attention to the larger picture. We can do this actively by joining groups or silently in healing prayer. The style we choose is ours.

Reflect on this and Spirit will guide you to the way that is best for you. Let’s take advantage of the Planetary Vibration of 2019 our number 3 year, and make a new choice.

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