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Iriana Yoshara: Mystic, Meditation Instructor & Mom

Whenever I look at my life’s spiritual journey, I often think, “What is nice Jewish girl doing here?” I started my journey, and my life-in-general, as just that. I was born into a lower middle class Jewish family in Brooklyn, N.Y. The first 12 years were spent in a section of Brooklyn that was a world unto itself. It was a melting pot of many different ethnic backgrounds. I thank God for those early years, specifically the taste and smells of multi-cultural traditions and celebrations. It was a very colorful and satisfying beginning. I was able to trust and not judge anyone by their nationality or religion. It was truly an invaluable and blessed experience.

On a more personal familial note, my younger years were complicated, dysfunctional and filled with subliminal conflicting messages. I grew up confused, wounded and looked for love in all the wrong places. That led to an early marriage, young motherhood and about 15 years later a divorce I was not at all prepared for. During that time Spirit was whispering in my ear and urging me to relocate. My two daughters, 11 & 13 at the time, joined me on what was a very bumpy road.

Before moving to the other side of the country I had my first experience with a Clairvoyant. He told me that I was a healer. Since I was into my own personal drama this really didn’t have any affect on my life at that time. But subconsciously, his words have stuck with me, and I still hear them when I doubt my path in the present.

After making the move to California from the east coast, it took a few months to settle in. Both daughter’s had challenges and I had to make some hard decisions about their well being and where they needed to be. I was seeking some help and a Spiritual Channel’s ad showed up in the personal section of the newspaper. I saw her for about 5 minutes. What she did tell me is that “I could do the same thing she did.” That was intriguing and I knew I had to investigate it.

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At that point in my spiritual journey, I was ready to move forward. Unsure and scared, I began practicing on my friends. That led to my beginning stages of doing spiritual channeling and offering other forms of intuitive guidance through readings, counseling, healing, etc.

Doing spiritual channeling work served as a mirror of my own lack of connection and lack of trust and faith in God. My personal life was a mess. It was painful, but hammered home the message that I had to focus more on my own growth. I had several experiences along the way. One was when I had a visitation from a “Being” who told me to hold up my hands for about a half an hour. He said I was a being given Healing Energy to use and share with others. Another experience was when I went to a powerful spiritual channeling session in AZ. The channel was talking, and all of a sudden I was on the ceiling looking down at everything. It was wonderful. I felt the Oneness and Connection to ALL THAT IS. Everyone in the room and outside of it was a part of me. That spiritual channeling session was a huge catalyst for my personal growth and my passion to support all of us in our Awakening. Although I still perform spiritual channeling, it is now naturally incorporated into the intuitive work I share with my clients. ​

The next 15 years after that spiritual channeling session were full of growth, inner peace, and a deep desire to feel the Oneness I felt during that session with the channel on a daily basis. I was led to study “The Infinite Way” as taught by Joel S. Goldsmith. Having a background in “A Course In Miracles”, it was easy for me to relate to the body of his work. These studies have become the basis and foundation in my everyday life and understanding of how GOD IS ALL…not to mention how our ego centered natures fight that with every ounce of breath to keep us from realizing that in our own lives. It is through the daily observation and then release of the ego that I find Peace…as well as learning to “Let Go, and Let God.” Amen. To say I am grateful is a profound understatement. Each day I thank God for leading me to, and helping me sustain, this understanding.

There are many wonderful teachers currently bringing this message home to us. I thank God for each and every one of them, and for each and every one of you. I hope that if you read this, and feel as though I can assist and support you in cultivating your understanding of Oneness, you will contact me to discuss how I can support you.

After all, WE ARE ALL ONE!!!
And So It Is!