Mystical Magical Me…..those are the words that Spirit is guiding me to use to describe myself and my work. My inclination and analytical mind want to scoff at those words, and insist that I do not give them any credence. At the same my Angels and inner guidance are being very firm and telling me to go forward and use them. I began my career as a Spiritual Guide by doing Channeled Readings for friends and then clients. It took me in many different directions and led me to where I am now. I am excited to share this gift with you.

A mystic is born; being a mystic means having a certain temperament, a certain outlook on life. It is for this reason that many are confused by the word mystic, because mysticism cannot be explained in plain words. To a mystic, impulse has divine significance. In every impulse a mystic sees the divine direction.”

This all came up because I had an appointment with a Healing Practitioner who I have been seeing for probably about 2 years. She is a dedicated healer and to my surprise a psychic medium. This week when I went for my apappointment, Spirit told me not to do any body work and to let her Angels come through with messages instead. We had done that before and it was an amazing experience. When I sat down and shared that with her she asked me if I wanted her to use the Tarot Cards. We have a loving supportive connection and the first words out of my mouth were, “boy are you sneaky.” I had no idea she used Tarot Cards. We both laughed and then she said that she goes with the flow and never imposes anything on anyone. That does work really well for her.

Next we began a card reading and her Angels said that I was not to touch the cards. I knew that was right. They said because I do the same work, it was best that I stay out of it and let her pull cards for me. I was getting the number five and of course that is exactly what they told her to pull. The cards indicated that I was experiencing a Transformation and that obstacles would be overcome and I would move into a new phase that would be a gift from God. That confirmed what I had been hearing and feeling for the last 5 or 6 months.

Then her Angels came through and said that it was time for me to let go of the limitations that have held me back for years. They were very excited about the completion of the transformation and of me finally allowing Spirit to speak through me. They said it would be helpful and healing for many. That is what I have been told for about 40 years. As the day continued and I meditated on the what had been shared, all the pieces of the puzzle of my life fell into place. So many experiences came together and I knew it was time.

Here is the me that has been hiding. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Mystical, Magical and ready to share messages from Spirit. Thank you and God bless.