Love how we are given the opportunity to see things differently in each moment. My default reaction still gets triggered and I fuss and fume for a bit. Then I hand it over to God and in a short time Peace returns and I remember that I Am As God Created Me. There is nothing I need to do or say…..the mind’s pictures no longer hold fast and they melt into knowing that Love is always the answer.

We are so blessed to have this community of many who are on the same track. They may take a different train to a different destination, but ultimately we all arrive at the One destination that hold us together. God’s Love. There is nothing else to strive for.

I saw a short sentence somewhere that said you know that “when the inside is more important than the outside you are on your way home.” That is what we all have in common and the respect and love we share is because we recognize the beauty in each other. Love you all.

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