What Are We Doing Here?

This question comes to mind often. “What Are We Doing Here?” There is one answer and one answer only….We are to remember why God Created Us. When we make peace with the question and the answer, we are released from Fear. We know we are here to learn about Love, Peace and Joy. God created us to bring his Light unto the world. When we do that we are living on purpose and all that flows from us and to us is Love, Peace and Joy.

Yes we do get caught up in the world’s view of things. We get sidetracked by concerns about Relationships, Finances, Family Issues, and all of the issues being in a body presents to us. The instant we step into the Present Moment….take a deep breath, close our eyes, and breathe in God’s Peace, all of the concerns disappear. We can choose to take them back, or we can choose to go more deeply into the energy of the Moment, and give them to God and let them go.

Now if I would practice what I preach, I would be one happy camper.

The first step is to recognize the simplicity of the Truth of Why God created us.
The second is to put it into practice as often as possible.
The third step is to forgive ourselves for getting side tracked.
The Fourth is to regroup and step back into the Light.

My commitment is to join with you in this process daily….moment to moment.

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