Meditation Techniques Are The Key to Peace & Transformation

What are we thinking? How in the world can we expect to find peace in such a confused and corrupt reality? It is not natural to live this way. No other species on the planet lives in this unnatural state. That in itself should give us a clue that we are off track. STOP!!! Meditate, Read More

That Sacred Space

There is that sacred place within each of us that is fully realized. When we make contact with that place we know who we are, we know the God within and we know Peace. It is in that place that we experience love and joy. In each moment we have the opportunity to turn within Read More

Transformational Meditation: Peace & Freedom Can Be Yours

Are you tired of feeling out of sorts? Do you often feel scattered and ungrounded? Well so did I and I found the solution in meditation! And if you do meditate… Does your meditation time flow easily or is meditation too much of a discipline for you? Does your mind chatter get in the way? Read More

More on Tools for Meditation: We Are Not Done, Until We Are Done! – Part II

A few days after I posted “We Are Not Done, Until We Are Done,” I received this message. “You already know what to share about meditation.” Then I began to have flashbacks and information came flooding in. This is what came through……. Today you are free. The part of you that you judged to be Read More

Tools for Meditation: We Are Not Done until We Are Done!

Recently due to some physical challenges, I connected with an amazing Medical Intuitive. Did see in her information that she has and does use many of her other gifts as well. I had a session with her yesterday, and she told me that I have a meditation technique sitting inside me that needs to be Read More

How Does This Fit Into Your Reality?

Originally shared in 2016 The more that I learn about how God works in our lives, the more I realize how much we need to Un-Learn. If we have not been focused on any religious or spiritual teaching, we are subject to confusion, ego and being lost in the world of form. Nothing fits and Read More

Listening to Inner Guidance: I Don’t Know What Anything Is For

Keep hearing the phrase “we don’t know what anything is for.” That is becoming more and more apparent. I remember the days when I thought I was so “aware.” Boy was I wrong. Mind just loves to analyze, judge and figure things out. And above all it revels when it thinks it is right. Such Read More

Took My Breath Away – Mooji

“I am going to tell you something now that you don’t hear very often in the world, and I use myself as an example for you. If you want to go all the way, give up the sense that you have any rights in life. Have no right at all. Have no rights for anything. Read More

Spiritual Healing: Have You Found What Works For You?

I am definitely a graduate of the “school of hard knocks,” and my goal is to share my experiences in the hopes of helping you in finding a smoother and less complicated path.  I feel the energy of Spirit coursing through my body when I speak with any of you who are letting go of Read More

Inner Child Healing Work: Releasing False Beliefs

One thing that most of have a challenge with is understanding that we create our reality by our perceptions. Consequently, the way we individually perceive things is always going to differ from anyone else’s. That is a lot to digest. As children, we are given experiences on a moment to moment basis that affects our Read More

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