Children of Light – A Piece of God’s Puzzle

God created us in consciousness to express more of his Light. Since that is what took place we are all a part of that consciousness and you could say we are each a part of the vast puzzle of God’s expression. I love the analogy of a puzzle because we have a visual and can Read More

Here We Are Again

Here we are again….Holidays, Blessings and the season for more opportunities for healing. God gave me this one and I love sharing it with you. For more than 30 years I have spent the holidays with my youngest daughter and her ever-growing family. It has had its ups and downs and because there is always Read More

Why In The World?

When we think about it logically why in the world, would we wonder or think about what someone else is thinking or feeling about us. All religions and spiritual teachings emphasize in their own words that “We Are Children of God, Lights of God, Son’s of God, Daughter’s of God, Angels of God, Everyone is Read More

An Ode To Facebook

Love how we are given the opportunity to see things differently in each moment. My default reaction still gets triggered and I fuss and fume for a bit. Then I hand it over to God and in a short time Peace returns and I remember that I Am As God Created Me. There is nothing Read More

Again A Reminder

10-28-15 I love how we can learn from everything. I was definitely guided to watch a film called “Shortcut to Happiness.” It was a “try to be remake” of the Classic 1941 film “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” At first I kept watching it and wondering why. But as I said we do learn from Read More

Mystical Magical Me

Mystical Magical Me…..those are the words that Spirit is guiding me to use to describe myself and my work. My inclination and analytical mind want to scoff at those words, and insist that I do not give them any credence. At the same my Angels and inner guidance are being very firm and telling me Read More

Quote from Eckhart Tolle & Musings from Iriana

A Quote from Eckhart Tolle & Musings by Iriana Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. ~Eckhart Tolle I love how Eckhart makes things so clear Read More

Our True Identity

As we continue along the path of uncovering the Love that we Are, our true identity, we are no longer seeing ourselves through man’s eyes. I AM That I AM becomes our Inner Knowing…..The secret place of the most high. We hear the voice from our inner sanctuary and live from that space. What whirls Read More

Oh How I Wish This Was So

Was told by Spirit to share this with you…..A lovely customer who has called often, included these two sentences in the feedback she left for me this morning. “You were on my mind yesterday and I stated I would love to have Iriana’s attitude towards life and other people. She doesn’t let anyone or anything Read More

What A Night This Has Been!

Had such an interesting thing happen. My great grandson is 7 on Wednesday. One of the gifts he wanted was a necklace with a green stone and a leather chain he saw at a Farmer’s Market on a school trip. It was a bit pricey but I could tell he really wanted it. Tried to Read More

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