Children of Light – A Piece of God’s Puzzle

God created us in consciousness to express more of his Light. Since that is what took place we are all a part of that consciousness and you could say we are each a part of the vast puzzle of God’s expression. I love the analogy of a puzzle because we have a visual and can see the different pieces and how we connect.

Then when one of us shares brilliance it is really all of us who are sharing it. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, lost or destroyed, then the puzzle is not complete and we are left hanging out there on that limb without any support.

It is all interwoven and in consciousness. This eliminates all kinds of fear-based emotions. No need for competition, one-upmanship, self-doubt and more. If you are connected and at peace then it is contagious and will immediately uplift me. There is so much beauty in knowing and understanding God’s creation and our part in it.

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