Choose Again – Six Steps To Freedom

Had to share this book with you. The impact it has had on my perceptions and being are transforming and a true gift. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. You can find it on

Choose Again: Six Steps to Freedom – May 13, 2018
by Diederik J. Wolsak

“I finished the book and can’t wait to buy copies to gift friends. It’s a home run Judy Morton. So many aha moments for me.” — Laurie Salygan

Outline of book shared by Laurie
1. My core belief will keep seeking evidence for it’s reality.
2. In the story there is no way out. In the story I get to be right.
3. We subconsciously choose our feelings based on who we think we are.
4. If we feel guilty we seek punishment and look for a life sentence of unhappiness until we accept forgiveness.
5. Depression is depriving myself of love. It can’t be cured by a pill. If I don’t let love in I won’t know who I am. We block love and are starving for love and can’t see the purpose to be alive. We need to forgive ourselves for our mistaken beliefs for forgetting the Truth.
6 We are not the victim but the author of our experience!
7. The story has one purpose to hide the truth and allow us to continue to protect a core belief. You made up the story and then forgot you made it up.
8. The Spiritual Ego isn’t interested in doing the work because it would bring it’s demise. The spiritual ego uses spiritual cliches like “It’s just an illusion”. Intercept that. If your upset, it’s not an illusion to you at that time. It’s real to you and unless you do your work to own the upset and process it you won’t release it.

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