Healing Is Now – from Jan. 24, 2018

Healing for most of us is a process. One thing that our ego minds do is set up expectations such as “I am going to be healed.” If we don’t see that take place, we begin to doubt God and lose Faith.

The healing process can take eons, and is different for each individual experience. There is no such thing “as going to be.” We are healed and perfect. Mind’s programs got stuck for most of us, and just as a computer chip is flawed, so is our thinking. Then we believe that we are off base and not as God created us.

A very common message we receive from Ego Mind is that “When I am going to be……and we fill in the blank. ” That is living in the future or projecting. There is only NOW. If we choose to clear the cobwebs it does give us the option to make better choices and create more freedom in our lives. That is the way most of us begin allowing God to heal our thinking. We find tools and/or teachers who speak truth to us and embrace that until it feels organic and becomes a part of us.

We want to focus on staying present in the moment and grateful for any experience that comes our way. No expectations or projections are needed. In this moment I Am. If I am at peace with that, that is all that is required.

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