Inner Child Healing Work: Releasing False Beliefs

One thing that most of have a challenge with is understanding that we create our reality by our perceptions. Consequently, the way we individually perceive things is always going to differ from anyone else’s. That is a lot to digest.

As children, we are given experiences on a moment to moment basis that affects our emotional beliefs. Such as having your parent tell you that you did something wrong is a good example. They may have simply meant that you didn’t follow their instruction at that moment and were just correcting you. Depending on your relationship with that parent you will have options on how you interpret what they said. If your connection with them is emotionally charged you could hear it very differently.

You, being young and vulnerable, will more than likely emotionally interpret what they said as that you are “not good enough.” That is the beginning of a subconscious belief. From that time on “you are not good enough” will run your life in subtle if not obvious ways. Addictive tendencies may seem to appear and can become strong or subtle. Relationship challenges, Depression, Drugs, Alcohol, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Eating Disorders, Health Issues, Career Issues, and the list goes on. These may show up at different times in our lives. You will wonder why because the belief is not fully conscious and has you in its grip without your knowledge.

Once we understand that these false beliefs about ourselves need to be released, we are guided to whatever or whoever is needed to support us in the process.

I do have suggestions and tools to share should you have questions or are guided to begin now.

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