Listening to Inner Guidance: I Don’t Know What Anything Is For

Keep hearing the phrase “we don’t know what anything is for.” That is becoming more and more apparent. I remember the days when I thought I was so “aware.” Boy was I wrong. Mind just loves to analyze, judge and figure things out. And above all it revels when it thinks it is right. Such a waste of time and energy. I do still find myself wanting to get into that space when I hear something that seems to be right/wrong. I give it lip service and then shortly afterwards realize it was an empty exercise with no substance behind it.

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There was a time when that was so scary. It felt like I had no “identity” no “me” to hold on to. Now it feels much more comfortable than self righteous babel. As I write this I do see that the self righteous stuff comes up when I get protective of those I love, or when I am dealing with material plane issues in my own life. I go into overwhelm mode, and return to expressing myself in a familiar comfort zone. Only in retrospect and when I get quiet, write, or meditate, do I come out of the coma like state I was in, and see the true picture.

Then I regroup and focus on what is true and let go of all the nonsense and once again “Know that I don’t know what anything is for.” Phew!!! What a relief.

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