Tools for Meditation: We Are Not Done until We Are Done!

Recently due to some physical challenges, I connected with an amazing Medical Intuitive. Did see in her information that she has and does use many of her other gifts as well.

I had a session with her yesterday, and she told me that I have a meditation technique sitting inside me that needs to be shared. Because my focus and essence want “Peace” the technique would connect with that energy. It will be playful and incorporate breath work too. This resonated on a deep level. My birth sign is Aries, and we are the children of the universe. Anyone who knows me would confirm that my inner child is alive, well and very much a part of my focus on all levels, including my work.

The reason the subject line of this message is “we are not done until we are done” is that I turned 79 this year and know that I am still not finished with my work on the planet. I have been meditating for more than 40 years and didn’t even know that was what I was doing at first. It comes naturally and I have shared and supported many to do the same. All of the Spiritual Teachers I am drawn to teach meditation in various forms.

Now I am asking God to bring forth this technique from within.  I have enjoyed sharing meditation techniques with clients and friends for years.  Definitely looking forward to hearing from Spirit about will come forth. Some tools for meditation I have used are Chanting and Dancing. I would imagine since I was told it will be playful that those may be included. She also said that it would be attractive to young people who are seeking Peace. As I tell anyone who is struggling with meditation, another much less intimidating word for it, is Relaxation. That lightens it up and makes it accessible to all.

Thank you and God Bless.


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