More on Tools for Meditation: We Are Not Done, Until We Are Done! – Part II

A few days after I posted “We Are Not Done, Until We Are Done,” I received this message. “You already know what to share about meditation.” Then I began to have flashbacks and information came flooding in. This is what came through…….

Today you are free.

The part of you that you judged to be crazy, is the part that has all the the energy and guidance on your unique style of meditation.

You spoke in what we called tongues way before you ever heard of that. It was your language. It made you feel empowered and healed.

When you needed to get away from the world you would put your hand on a chair arm and push up. Then you flew around the room. You did the same thing in High School when you couldn’t get up the stairs fast enough.

You crossed major streets with your nose in your book of the day and never got hit by a car.

You did not copy anyone else until you were in High School.

You did not judge or censor yourself.

You lived in your own world. It was a magical place and you loved it there.

You were so happy on the inside, but very confused by what you saw and heard on the outside.”

Now that I know what my definition is of Meditation, I can see that God was preparing me from the time I was two years old to share something different.

When we are in a meditative state we are observing and not being affected by what is in front of us. When we go into deep states of relaxation that does prepare us to be able to “be in the world and not of it.” Then we are in the space of meditative awareness at all times. That is our God given gift.

I can assist you in uncovering your unique state of meditation. Once it becomes clear to you, we will find the right tools that will help you maintain your focus and peace of mind.

You deserve Peace and Joy. It is my honor to be of service. Thank you.



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