Was told by Spirit to share this with you…..A lovely customer who has called often, included these two sentences in the feedback she left for me this morning.

“You were on my mind yesterday and I stated I would love to have Iriana’s attitude towards life and other people. She doesn’t let anyone or anything bother her. That is what makes her amazing especially the fact she speaks her mind no matter how the situation goes.”

Well if only it was that simple. The ego dies daily and that makes it an ongoing process. She was correct about my attitude….it is no longer controlled by the ego’s reactions and I do work at that consistently. I know many would agree that is the hardest work our human selves have ever done. When something or someone bothers me, I call that being triggered…..It comes and it goes. Right now I am in the thick of it. My granddaughter had her second child and she is on overload. Since I live near by and she needs help, I am in the midst of dealing with her and my daughter. They live in the same house and so I do see and exchange energy with them often. I live about 5 minutes away, thank you God. Our lifestyles and focus are very different and I do get triggered.

That is when I have to go within, get quiet and still and allow God to show me what I need to learn, let go of, and when I do need to speak up. It is a balancing act, and unbeknownst to the lovely woman who wrote the feedback, I am from the “Silent Generation.” We were taught that we were to be seen and not heard. Because this is my family who I love dearly, it is a great testing ground, and currently takes place often.

My point in sharing this with all of you is that we are here to do this….We chose to be in bodies and have the opportunity to break old patterns right here and now. Not easy for anyone and it does take practice, intention and commitment.

Love, Blessings and Peace, Iriana

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