As we continue along the path of uncovering the Love that we Are, our true identity, we are no longer seeing ourselves through man’s eyes.

I AM That I AM becomes our Inner Knowing…..The secret place of the most high. We hear the voice from our inner sanctuary and live from that space. What whirls around us, in our mind’s, the pictures and images, are no longer our concern. Momentarily they may trigger past emotions, patterns, dreams, but we KNOW, they no longer belong to us. “Life Is But A Dream” does become our reality.

It is a process of peeling away the layers of the onion….Sometimes it does make us cry doesn’t it? Then the tears turn into beautiful crystals. They reveal the clarity of our vision and the wisdom of our souls. Love is the key, the healer and the Light of God as he was the planter and the creator of who we are.

Now that I can embrace and dance with. How about you?

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