Spiritual Channeling Services


Empower Yourself with Intuitive Counseling from an Experienced Spiritual Advisor

Break Through Barriers, Release Limiting Beliefs, Know Who Your Truly Are…

All Services are centered around Finding Your Voice. Each of them supports that focus and will be Empowering and Healing. We create our Divine Design by being True to our Authentic Selves.

We will work together using whatever tools are appropriate to support you in Breaking Through The Barriers that have held you back from knowing and speaking your Truth. Most of us have experienced some form of repression at an early age or during our childhood years. Using the tools listed below, we will find 1 or 2 that click, and that will begin the process of Releasing Limiting Beliefs that have held you hostage from Knowing Who You Truly Are.

Spiritual Activation with a Spiritual Advisor, Healer & Intuitive Guide

Spiritual Activation is a unique approach that addresses your specific needs on all levels: Body, Mind and Spirit. A spiritual catalyst, or “coach” can enter into your life and walk hand-in-hand with you while looking at the “bigger picture.” This is also known as Spiritual Awareness Coaching. My spiritual activation services take us to deeper levels of our soulular connection with each other to help you understand how you may be self-sabotaging your progress.

Meditation & Meditation Instructor

Meditation is the key to finding that quiet place within where spiritual healing takes place. Our sessions will focus on finding the style of meditation that most suits your energy and lifestyle.

Choose Again – Six Steps To Freedom / Inner Child Healing Work

Having done Inner Child Healing work for about 20 years, I always knew a piece of the puzzle was missing. Combining the two modalities together will direct you to the original root of the belief or beliefs that need to be released. Then you are free to focus on your Authentic Self.

Spiritual Dream Interpreter

My focus is on Jungian dream interpretation. Our dreams are symbolic images from our subconscious mind. They speak to us about what has been buried, and gives you the opportunity to heal what arises and appears as a reflection of an aspect of self. My dream interpretation services can help you make sense of your dreams, and learn to use your dreams to empower your waking existence.

Universal Numbers & Blueprints

As a tool, numerology blueprints can give you a clear picture of the vibration of our soul’s energy. When we formulate numerology blueprints correctly, we can see and understand the best direction and expression for our careers, relationships and journey in this incarnation.

Empower Yourself • Be All You Can Be • Find Freedom & Peace • Move In New Directions

As we proceed through the healing process, you will begin to Empower Yourself and feel like you can Be All You Can Be. The fire that has been within you from the beginning of time, will erupt and you will the Find Freedom & Peace. The excitement that comes with that discovery enables you to Move In New Directions and see doors open that you believed were closed before.

Light Up Your Life
See The Truth, Know the Truth, BE THE TRUTH!

When you begin to Find Freedom & Peace, there is a sense of well-being that permeates your inner life. You will often find yourself saying or thinking “You Light Up My Life” to those who touch your heart. One of the most wonderful compliments we can give and receive are those words. Miracles begin to happen all around you and those words become a mutual blessing. We do See The Truth, Know The Truth, and then as we integrate and live it, Be The Truth one moment at a time.

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“Let Go, Let God” — that is the fundamental key to everything. It is our challenge and our strength. If we keep our eye on the prize, this would it be it.”