Recently I decided to look back on my life based on the generation I was born into. I discovered I am from “The Silent Generation.” This generation includes people born between 1925-1945. My first instinct when I heard the words “the silent generation” was that school, our parents, our government and society in general instilled in us that it was important to be seen and not heard. After reading some more about us, that was definitely a phrase that stuck out in my mind. I know we were not taught to have a voice, express our thoughts and feelings, and be who we were. That is when the seed was planted for me to find a way to change that for myself and others.

My first foray into being a Spiritual Catalyst for change came as a teenager. It was then that I became very pro Israel and felt a pull to rally for their causes. Speaking up for something I believed in gave me a sense of connection and purpose to something larger than my own little world. It allowed me to discover a new aspect of myself that had been latent up to that point. In addition , it showed me that being a spiritual catalyst meant speaking up in my own life was absolutely necessary in order to help others elicit changes in theirs. I now realize that I was listening to my inner guidance and just did not know it at the time.

Generally speaking, those of us born in and around the Great Depression and World War II were indoctrinated with constant fear and uncertainty. Poverty consciousness was a palatable energy surrounding our daily lives. Many of our fathers’ were at war. There was rationing on many commodities including food. Nothing was stable for most of the world. Our parents and families spoke in hushed voices and there was a pallor of fear and insecurity everywhere. Again, being in touch with our inner voices and guidance was not included in this reality. This resulted in many of us to turn away from focusing on the awareness necessary to undertake the journey to Spiritual Awakening. Survival was our main focus and it took up all our energy and time.

Although we cannot go back and change the past, I wholeheartedly believe it is never too early or late for anyone to cultivate awareness and allow our true selves to guide us. Personally I could not find peace until I knew what it was within me that drove me to keep seeking truth.

Reclaiming my voice and passion is the greatest gift I have received from God and I love sharing it with anyone who wants to hear it. Namaste

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