Spiritual Healing: Have You Found What Works For You?

I am definitely a graduate of the “school of hard knocks,” and my goal is to share my experiences in the hopes of helping you in finding a smoother and less complicated path.

 I feel the energy of Spirit coursing through my body when I speak with any of you who are letting go of old beliefs and taking risks. When we pay attention to the signals our bodies and souls give us we will feel energized and excited about life. That energy is contagious and blesses all that make contact with it. Many of my client’s have let go of the belief that having a relationship will make them happy forever and ever. That is typical of a program we all bought into in my generation. Unfortunately that is still a popular belief and not a proven myth.

As a Spiritual Guide & Catalyst, I focus on what we need to learn from our experiences. It has taken more than 40 years of my personal spiritual study and working with clients, to know that when we focus on anyone or anything external we miss what Spirit is trying to show or teach us. When we go within we become empowered and guided by God, our Inner Guidance, Angels and Spirit. That is when Spiritual Healing takes place and we move forward empowered and confident.


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