The Light Is Truly At The End of The Tunnel

This Metaphor has been around forever and like all simple things we often take it for granted. The tunnel is the “mind” of man in his illusion of darkness. The “Light” is the Light of God waiting for us to wake up from our sleep state and see what is truly there. It would appear to be so simple, but we know the process for most of us is not.

The more and the longer I observe the mind’s insane projections, the reality of how much error I have ingested can be daunting. The mind is incessant and tenacious, along with a number of other adjectives I could add. No matter how many times a trigger comes up, and I know it is a trigger, the mind continues its rampage. Recently I was reminded to observe the mind without judgment or fear. That for me is the saving grace. It is so painful that at the same time this is going on, I really don’t have any other choice than giving it over to God and asking for help. It is either that or that ever-present straight jacket image waiting in the wings.

When the light does shine through it is so obvious that there was nothing there in the first place. Nothing happened. It was all a figment of a very fertile ground the mind created for its playing field. In an instant Peace is restored and all doubt and fear that was playing its recording is no longer present. Again, it was as if it never happened.

As we are repeatedly learning God did not create doubt, strife, disease, death or lack. If God did not create it, it is not real. Once again we are reminded that only LOVE is real. Oneness of God’s love in action. No-Thing else ever took place anywhere at any time. Our minds are that powerful. Observing them in their insanity without giving them power is the greatest gift we can support each other in. Thank you God. You are indeed Omnipresent.

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