Transformational Meditation: Peace & Freedom Can Be Yours

Are you tired of feeling out of sorts? Do you often feel scattered and ungrounded?

Well so did I and I found the solution in meditation!

And if you do meditate…

Does your meditation time flow easily or is meditation too much of a discipline for you?

Does your mind chatter get in the way?

Does meditation take up too much of your time?

For many years I wondered why so many clients mentioned these obstacles regarding meditation. My experience has been totally different. Perhaps my sharing it will support you in your quest for inner peace.

I began meditating not knowing what that was, or what I was doing, about 35 years ago. It came about naturally. Whenever I felt disconnected from  inner peace, I would fall into an altered state by closing my eyes and breathing in and out. Then I would seem to leave my body and come back into it about 10 or 15 minutes later. That was followed by a deep sense of relief and Peace. Whatever thoughts I was having previously disappeared. I remember telling friends that it felt like I had taken a two hour nap.
Many Meditation Paths That Lead to the Same Place: Freedom…

As time moved on I began to add different techniques to support the process. Chanting, Walking, Yoga, Mantras and Contemplation were all helpful. I continued on with meditating daily and frequently, until it became second nature. At the same time I was learning more about the Truth of our Beings and becoming committed to listening to Spirit in each moment. That opened me up more to being in the flow, which was followed by a stronger sense of Freedom. Over time, my meditation has become more enjoyable, now without structure as I find it’s no longer needed. Meditation for me is now just another expression of myself communicating with God.

Each of us has a unique vibration and sound. I will joyfully assist you in finding yours. That will lead you into a Meditative practice that may become yours and yours alone. If you want to share in group meditations, you will have your blueprint and it will easily harmonize with others. This process is fun, easy, and as you will find out very natural. There are no rules and discipline is not required. All that is needed from you is to be willing to let go of expectations of how you “should” be and have fun.

Here is a brief audio of an exchange I had with a client.

I am so excited to share this with you!!!  Namaste.

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