What Are Holiday Weekends Like For You?

I work on most holidays and often receive calls from customers who are having a hard time dealing with what comes up for them emotionally. It never surprises me because emotional issues with Holidays, and especially holiday weekends have been ongoing for me personally.

Just did a Google Search on Holiday Long Weekend Stress and found this:

“For me, the best way I’ve found to deal with it is not to see it as something I have to cure. To say, this is me for now. And the good thing is, when my Monday morning alarm sounds, I know I’ll have respite from these feelings. For five days, anyway.” — Grazia’s Blog Post


She is a very savvy lady.

I am going to use some of her tips for my long weekend at home. Maybe something she said will resonate for you too.Always remembering that what is in front of us is just for now makes perfect sense

These is a tool I use often. In this moment I am here and at peace always works for me. If I am not at peace what thoughts am I focusing on that are disrupting my peace? If needed I can get away from external disruption for just a moment, close my eyes and breathe in peace and breathe out stress 3x, my energy shifts and I am once again at Peace.

Happy Days Are Here Again….Have a Peace filled weekend.

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