Meditation Techniques Are The Key to Peace & Transformation

Transformational Meditation Tools What are we thinking? How in the world can we expect to find peace in such a confused and corrupt reality? It is not natural to live this way. No other species on the planet lives in this unnatural state. That in itself should give us a clue that we are off track. STOP!!!

Meditate, Contemplate, Pray, and above all go into the silent place we all have within us. However you do it make it your priority. It is not only timely, it is becoming imperative NOW!

i do not mean to alarm anyone. Just letting you know that the signs are everywhere. I had a dear friend text me today and this is what she shared. “So upset about our violent country. It seems broken.” This friend is a dedicated spiritual student and one of the most optimistic people I know. She is very tuned into Spirit’s messages and if she sent me that text, I know I have to pay attention.

My job as a Spiritual Catalyst is to waken us up. Every day in every way I am being pushed forward to act on this. Some of the tools I can share with you are Intuitive counseling, Meditation instruction, Meditation Techniques, Meditation tools, Dream Interpretation, and Intuitive Readings.

If I can support you on your path to awakening please feel free to drop me a note, call, or do a chat session. I am ready, willing and able.

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