When we think about it logically why in the world, would we wonder or think about what someone else is thinking or feeling about us.

All religions and spiritual teachings emphasize in their own words that “We Are Children of God, Lights of God, Son’s of God, Daughter’s of God, Angels of God, Everyone is God – Wai H. Tsang (Hindu Expression), We are One With God, etc…..This tells us we are in these bodies to focus on this and not be wasting our time thinking about what is going on in someone else’s mind or heart. If most religious and spiritual teachings share a similar foundation or belief about who we are, again I say why in the world would we be concerned with anything but learning more about our true identity.

This century is all about “awakening to the truth of our beings.” It is time. And again, if the teachers are teaching it, the psychics and astrologers are forecasting and predicting it, what in the world would keep us from paying attention to this and only this?

I keep saying “what or why in the world,” and asking the same question because it is so painful to observe our misuse of time and energy. Not excluding myself from this at all. I know better and still get caught in the web of worry, concern, obsessive behavior and all of those signify the symptoms of FEAR…the cause of them all.

How do we change this insanity? We go back to the original cause of the beliefs we created around our life experiences before we knew who we knew ourselves as God wanted us to be. The programming we received formed beliefs based on what we saw and heard taking place and emotionally reacted to. We incorporated those beliefs until they became our truth and entrenched themselves into our foundation.

As we continue to mature they still run our lives until we find tools that help us to see them clearly. Then our Faith and Trust in God will take over and we will finally be freed of these unconscious patterns forever.

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